Patient Empowered Care

Providing Integrated, Patient-Centered Care


Patient Empowered Care® is a new and exciting demonstration of our unwavering commitment to patients. Patient Empowered Care puts patients at the center of a dedicated team, which focuses on addressing individual, whole-person needs. We accomplish this by treating the whole-person through a combination of medical, nutritional, physical, psychological and spiritual therapies, and we do so in a compassionate, caring environment that encourages patients to actively participate in important decisions about the management of their disease.

Patients have seen the real benefit from our Patient Empowered Care model. Here is what they are saying:

“Scheduling is fast and easy.”

“My doctors and clinicians come to me!”

“I feel less stressed.”

The most important part of our patient care model is that we promise to treat every patient like they are part of our own family. We achieve this using the philosophy of The Mother Standard® of care. The premise of The Mother Standard of care is that we treat each patient as if they were our own mother, father or another loved one.

True Story

Food For The Soul: Finding Passion Fruit Water Ice

Gaining an appetite can be a difficult feat for our patients. So when one particular inpatient finally had a craving for passion fruit water ice, her mother quickly made the trip to a nearby Rita’s Water Ice stand. Unfortunately, she discovered that passion fruit wasn’t an option on the menu and no other flavor would suffice for her sick daughter. Naturally, the caregiver was upset that she couldn’t deliver on the one little wish that would help her daughter both eat and lift her spirit. When Patient Care Technician April Regalbuto saw the patient’s mom return empty-handed from Rita’s she took it upon herself to visit as many different Rita’s Water Ice locations she needed to, until she found the kind that her patient wanted. April finally found the passion fruit water ice, bought a quart and brought it back to the hospital. When she delivered it to the patient and her mother, she denied any payment for it. April touched this patient’s heart and allowed the patient to find joy in food again.

Care That Truly Never Quit

We all know how stressful flying can be, and for so many of our patients, this experience is compounded by the fact that they are sick. One night in mid-December, Driver Ken Kupiec picked up a patient at the airport. When he first saw her, he knew something was wrong. Ken spoke to the woman and found out that she had gotten sick at the airport, prior to meeting up with Ken. Ken’s first concern was for her health, and he swiftly called the Care Management team to see if he should bring the patient to Eastern, or to a local ER. Given the woman’s symptoms, they advised him to do the latter. Ken made sure she was comfortable enough to travel, and then brought her to a local emergency room. After safely transporting her and getting her settled, Ken returned to Eastern. Now, many people might think, “OK, it’s almost 11 p.m., I’ve gotten the patient safely to the ER and it’s time to go home,” but not our drivers! Ken came back to Eastern, dropped off his limo, and got in his own car and headed back to the ER. He knew the patient was alone, and didn’t want her to be in a strange hospital without any family or friends beside her. Ken stayed with the woman until 3 a.m., when she was safely discharged.

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